Saturday, July 09, 2005


Waking up
Fumble at the cup
Blind lips breathing steam
Breaking dream

Creaking stairs
Musical as chairs
Worry deepens dim
Thinking him

Brown and gold
Tangles catch and hold
Stare into my eyes
Dark as lies

Scratching thought
Earned and borne and bought
Silent flows the sand
Moves the hand

Rise again
Laying down the pen
Burying the face
To erase

Drawing close to me
Closer than I dared

Sweetest bliss
This and this and this
Never once again
Now and then

Fly the deep
Boundary of sleep
Dream is all I had

Leaving more
Passing out the door
Fearing now that I’m
Out of time

Cover up
Emptier than cup
Bittersweetest friend
Make an end

Newcome faith
Breaking on a wraith
Dips into a spin
Out and in

Somewhere near
Far away from here
It might be arranged
Something changed

Come again
I can’t tell you when
Hours, days, or years
Blessings, fears

Cast-down glove
I could face your love
And with greater grace
Love your face

Pounding head
Calls me from my bed
Spreading through my feet
Rhythm beat

Dim routine
Travel where I’ve been
Sun, moon, sun, moon, sun
Over, done

Give it sway
Let it have its way
Turning day to night
Gray to white

Flying fast
Try to make it last
Wishing it would dress


Jesse said...

I really, really like this poem.

That is all.


xsapph said...

I love poems that flow this simply, I really think you should develop a theme with this in mind, I do something similar it is like a rippling brook and it really is lovely to read!

Anonymous said...

I started reading your past blogs...I can't decide if you are depressed, or what? Is this a religious blog or just your thoughts about your interpretation of the Bible? You have confused me.

HSD said...


I am honored by your compliment. Coming from the greatest mind I have ever inadvertently encountered, it is indeed great praise.

You have my thanks and admiration...

Holly S. D.

HSD said...


Are you the first anonymous, or is this another?

But to answer your question, this is not meant to be a religious blog. As a matter of fact, I never intended for it to be a blog. I merely created it as a means to comment on my brother's blog, which would not allow comments from non-members. It then passed from my mind until a few weeks later, when said mind was unoccupied by any useful endeavor (as it generally has been all my life, I believe) and longing for something in which to pour its unused and ever-diminishing stores. I thought, then: why not publish a few random thoughts? I then thought: Why, when I have nothing to say? I thought, then: Will I ever have anything to say if I never say anything?

Thus came this. Only random thoughts, whenever I am moved to expend the energy of thought or of emotion. Generally these are merely of-the-moment expressions, having less to do with religion or with biblical interpretation than with my own random and oft-delusional perceptions of my world(Hence the subtitle: "Half-baked Thoughts and Full-blown Delusions"). I may say also that I have been and often am still in a state of depression, namely because I feel that I have and am wasting my time and life, and as yet my timidity is greater than my inclination to put a stop to it.

There you have it.

Why should I still want to fly?

sleepyrn said...

I think this poem is beautiful. Very poignent. Sometimes waking up is the most painful thing I do all day. Suddenly the safety and emptiness of sleep is gone and the memories come back. Then the pain begins anew.

I very much like your style of writing and look forward to reading more.

Just a passing visitor.

HSD said...


I visited your blog.

Thank you to a beautiful and wounded passing visitor.

Stop by as many times as you're quite welcome here.

Evelyn said...

I'm the 'anonymous' that was confused... Thank you for clarifying some things for me. Thank you for not being offended by my questions... You are interesting.
Suddenly the safety and emptiness of sleep is gone
I understand the safety of sleep all too well...