Thursday, November 27, 2008

At Table


My God, how long

has it been?

Drinking strong


thinking wrong.

Let me cut you a

deal. You take

this hand, I'll pay


But listen: next time,

warn me. I'll fold.

Do you know, how long

it has been?

I've been taking small

doses, getting rich

fat elbows.

Probably they're


with this table's edge.

This wine's a good

vintage, have you seen

the grapes?

Bigger than life, been growing

in this hothouse


My God. How long

has it been?

If you're going to dig up

this seed,

you might need

a thicker spade.


Concubines. Ever thought

of those?

What is this, why do

you give me this—smell it, it's

fragrant.....Taste it,

it's good.

What did you expect--


Charity loaves. You rub it in

our faces, and what can we do

but eat?


All right, I'll pay. But don't think

you own me;

nothing's free.

Oh, no. You're not unearthing

old wounds tonight,

I said I'll pay.

It doesn't matter how long.

I'll pay.

You know how

this will end,

don't you.

I'll go to bed with you,

next morning I'll

be back here.

What does it


to break a heart?

Think about it: