Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A mournful note
from the spirit i wrote
in the dark of the deep sunken mildewy boat
that's no longer afloat, no longer afloat
i knew it, i watched it, i sunk it with--ugh,
No--I pulled out the plug.
and blug

()I'm angry, regressing
()and burnt-soul depressing
()I feel like undressing
()unveiling my flaws
()But give me a minute
...just give me a minute...
one palpable minute!
One infinite pause--
To hell with the cause--!
I wanted applause.


Grapple, beloved,
to the pain
of dislocated
thoughts in brain
and dislodged selfish
longings ache
But grapple, love,
this life at stake
not flattery, pitying,
nor scorn. ()()()()-- I
need reason with love,
towards which we die.