Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A mournful note
from the spirit i wrote
in the dark of the deep sunken mildewy boat
that's no longer afloat, no longer afloat
i knew it, i watched it, i sunk it with--ugh,
No--I pulled out the plug.
and blug

()I'm angry, regressing
()and burnt-soul depressing
()I feel like undressing
()unveiling my flaws
()But give me a minute
...just give me a minute...
one palpable minute!
One infinite pause--
To hell with the cause--!
I wanted applause.


Grapple, beloved,
to the pain
of dislocated
thoughts in brain
and dislodged selfish
longings ache
But grapple, love,
this life at stake
not flattery, pitying,
nor scorn. ()()()()-- I
need reason with love,
towards which we die.


Mom said...

You're an awesome poet Holly! Hope all is well with you and your beloved.
Please ignore the heading that will say "from Mom"... I need to fix that.

HSS said...

Thanks, Aunt Leslie. All is pretty much well. School's over for the quarter, at least it will be as soon as I turn in this final paper...Hurrah! I'm learning I can't let school take over my life, though, now that I'm married. Not that it was ever a good thing before, any rate, it's something I need to work on, and I'm working on it.

Hope you're doing well, as well.

Much love,