Wednesday, June 29, 2005


= despicable. Sometimes I think all I want to do is indulge in my emotions. I like extreme. It lets me feel alive. But my more prudent intellect won't let me do that. I don't want to be extreme. It makes me feel a fool. I want to be fervent, focused, and fenced in. So I pour my extremes into the medium of poetry and let it fly in the terrible deluge of my emotion. This is the only indulgence I will allow, my desperate creativity. Thank God for letters to spell my character.



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antigraviton said...

Why do you think you have emotions? They're there to be experienced, for a reason. They have a purpose (as does everything). Some emotions can inspire destructive behavior, sure, yet others can help to lead you out of darkness. That's not to say that an emotion has but *one* purpose or use... But they're part of your genes. Don't ignore them.


HSD said...

Somehow I knew that was coming from somebody...

The truth is, I don't ignore my emotions. I try to keep them from controlling my actions, but I can't keep them from controlling my thoughts.

I don't mind having emotions, but I'd prefer them to be focused to a purpose rather than free to wreak what they will. They aren't necessarily logical, in my experience.

The gateway is barred
I strangle my heart with my head
They think I am hard
Untouched and uncaring and dead
I let them believe
I want them to think of me so
Better to deceive
Than open what little I know
And even of such
I cannot be sure I am sure
Little is not much
But nothing is hard to endure

...but then, my logic isn't necessarily logical, in my experience. :)