Tuesday, June 21, 2005


As someone recently said to me, he enjoys using the word 'o' whenever possible. I agree, it is an enjoyable word...

O glorious day

O for a muse

O human-becoming

O darn it. (Sorry, couldn't help it--grinning gleefully).....

O heaven! O to be free! O for the wings to fly!

O. It's a jolly good word. Ripping, you might say.


ogma said...

O Mouse!

-alice in wonderland

antigraviton said...

0 comments - oh! No longer so.


O, Riposte

O thou most prolific poet
O deft fomenter of odes
Only woken but a moment -
Lo, how keen your spirit grows!
Though your road may feel foreboding,
Holding shadows, fictive foes -
Hope's bestown a glow immortal,
So your journey onward goes.


After waxing unaesthetic,
Woe thus optically imposed,
Only making you frenetic -
Now I owe you, I suppose. ;-)