Friday, October 10, 2008

Emily in sleek Shakespeare, intertwined with tufts of Blake

O Emily
of fire

veriest haven

of contentment

To be
O Emily
that does not question

whether 'tis nobler in the mind
but sleeps--perchance, she dreams

and, unsupposing--ends them
aye, there's the rub
the consummation Emily, too, has wished

When we have shuffled off
she licks her paws. There's the respect--
that makes her portent Emily of life

when she herself might our quietus make
with a mere shifting

Now is the winter of our discontent made summer by
this Emily--a spark, a sprite
in the closets of the night

But Emily is shaped for sportive tricks
O Emily--a wanton ambling nymph,
O Emily, fur-tailed, of fair proportion

what,immortal Emily
thou framed in gleeful witchery

who spied
her shadow
in the sun

and made of it imaginary puissance
that did affright the air

admit me Chorus to this Emily


Brent said...

was this an ode to you kitty cat?

HSS said...

yus, indeedy! more a collection of random quotes twisted shamelessly to my own designs than an original piece of work...

Emily is a "wanton ambling nymph," though; Shakespeare must have had her in mind.

~Dani~ said...

i loved it! nice!