Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Renovation. my prayer.

Is it possible? Forgiveness?
Can bitterness sleep? Can--defeatism be defeated?
Will everything indeed be overturned and reconciled
Conquered--more than conquered--the worst of things,
even irreconcilable evil--madness

torturous wanderings, Jesus
Jesus, why is your name...sweetest

because I have crucified you.

Jesus, you saw it, didn't you?
--and you suffered. you suffered, too.
you didn't make us to be whole without you.
you didn't come to show us what to do.
you came to be who
would bare our brokenness
and bear our brokenness
and your grace is sufficient
for such as we are
and your power is made perfect
in such as we are
and we are all hypocrites
we are all fools
riddled with darkness
sprinkled with holes
leprous, parched for a drink
somebody hurt us God what do you think
things like this break our minds, Jesus
things like this can terrify
if the almighty won't protect us who will
but you are in it all
you were there first
and when we see it
when will we see it
see your face
because you didn't make us to be whole without you
so we are all limping
and we are all broken
and sewing our fingers between every knuckle
and wondering why we can't ever be better
but you're only telling us, come and remember
eat this bread and drink this cup
of suffering
and I am with you
with you
you are not your own
not alone
come to me
and if you fall
fall on me


Sarah said...

It's beautiful, Holly. I truly think that you should pursue publication, whether or not that's what you write for. You should be unselfish and share your genius with more people. :)
Happy belated birthday! :) Miss you and love you guys!

HSS said...


I love you, too. Thanks for the birthday greetings. I dunno about publishing...makes me think I would have to actually edit my writing instead of satisfying myself with rough draft # 1. Rough draft # 1 works for me because I know I can't do any better; whereas publishing something sets it in stone, so to speak, so that I would have to try to bring hack-job imperfection as close to divine inspiration as possible--which, for me, is impossible. So I keep my publishing to myself and my family/friends...it's much safer, not to mention better appreciated. :)

Poetik said...

This poem is beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!
It is sewn with such raw honesty and emotion
I love the repeating line...
"because you didn't make us to be whole without you"

I admire how you intertwine your faith with poetry.... i struggle to do that.... for me it comes with effort. Any suggestions?

May i repost your poem onto my blog? with your permission and authorname of course...?

Poetik said...

this is a raw and very emotional poem! beautiful!
i love the line: because you didn't make us to be whole without you
how true that is!

i admire how you intertwine your faith with poetry. i struggle to do that, it takes much effort on my part. do you have any suggestions?

I would like your permission to repost this onto my own blog? of course with your author name. Would that be alrite? I feel that many would be touched by it...